Andy and Emma

When Andy Rahman noticed blood in his urine three years ago, he took himself off to the Doctor, who prescribed antibiotics. This happened several times, it appears the medication was not working. Andy eventually saw a different Doctor who ordered a scan and, only two weeks after meeting Emma, the couple were given the devastating news: Andy did not have an infection, he had Stage IV cancer and was booked in for urgent surgery.

The new couple faced this together bravely and Emma, rather than running a mile, stood by Andy’s side. More surgery and chemo saw Emma move in with Andy so she could help with his recovery. Sadly, the cancer has metastisised to Andy’s lymph glands and he has been give a terminal diagnosis.

Andy created a bucket list and on top of the list was to marry his lady. And then a friend told him about My Wedding Wish and the fabulous things we do! We were more than happy to oblige and their dream wedding was held at the fabulous Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli in front of their closest friends and family.