Wedding Wish Donations


There are several ways in which you can make a donation to My Wedding Wish to provide help to our couples.  You can:

  • Make a donation via Paypal, who don’t take a percentage of your donation (or charge you to make a donation) so 100% comes to the Wedding Wish charity.
  • Make a donation via MyCause


Wedding gown donations

In addition to financial support, My Wedding Wish regularly receives generous offers of wedding gown donations. However, we have received so many gowns that we have had to temporarily stop accepting donations.  We are currently investigating ways of handling the wedding gowns and will update this page with further information as soon as possible.  As an interim measure, we are developing an eBay store where we are offering our current supply of wedding gowns for sale.  Please like and share our store amongst your friends and family.  

12 beautiful brand new designer wedding gowns. Donated by Vickie and Dranko Magic from Matters Magazine