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State Wish Leader

Wish Leader:

Each gifted wedding is co-ordinated by a Wish Leader, usually the celebrant, who pulls together a team of like-minded awesome wedding suppliers who are happy to gift to a couple’s ceremony.  To be a Wish Leader you must be well networked in the wedding industry in your area, can think on your feet and problem solve, have amazing administration and management skills, buckets of empathy and flexibility, techy skills for social media, and a kicking sense of humour.  You’ll need all this because you’ll be the ‘boss’ on the day, and you’ll be face of My Wedding Wish in the media (where appropriate), and for our couples who deserve a beautiful wedding.  Wish Leaders liaise with the couple, all suppliers, the State Wish Leader and Head Office.  The minimum wedding would consist of a celebrant, an hour of professional photography (about 100 hi-res images), bridal hair and makeup and bridal flowers and buttonhole.  What happens after that is word gets around and pretty soon you could have a huge white wedding planned because wedding people are amazingly generous!

State Wish Leader:

When an application is received, checked for eligibility and given the okay, Head Office sends the details to the State Wish Leader who calls for a Celebrant (aka Wish Leader) in the selected area.  The State Wish Leader oversees and helps the Wish Leader where necessary.  State Wish Leaders oversee all gifted weddings in their State so you’ll need to be well networked, switched on, internet savvy, empathetic and flexible, and again, have a sense of humour.  State Wish Leaders liaise with Wish Leaders and Head Office.   Training will be given for State Wish Leaders who will in turn, train the Wish Leaders.

To apply to be a Wish Leader or State Wish Leader:

Send a one page CV and a cover letter letting us know how awesome you are and why you want to get involved to