‚My Wedding Wish‘ makes a dream come true in Adelaide!

All Darren and Suzie want to do is get married.  With Darren recently diagnosed with metastatic lymphomas in his neck, spine, hips and bones, time is running out for them.

As Suzie put it in their application to My Wedding Wish:
‘…I don’t think anything could break the love we have for each other, but knowing that he won’t be here much longer ripped me to pieces. All the dreams and plans we had together that will be no longer….’
When asked about their biggest wish they answered: ‘….hopefully proving the doctors wrong, but doing so as husband and wife!’

That is why My Wedding Wish Australia have stepped up to pull together a dream wedding for this couple; who have been together as partners, parents and best friends for 20 years. What is left of Darren’s remaining time with us is running out fast, but they have their hearts set on saying ‘I do”.

On Monday the 30th of April 2018, Darren and Suzie have been gifted their wish. They will marry in front of loved ones in Port Adelaide. The wedding is gifted by over 10 of South Australia’s finest My Wedding Wish suppliers who have connected and poured their love into this celebration of a lifetime for this couple. These suppliers have stepped up to gift their products, time and services to couples they have never met before because… they can and want to! They do not ask for anything in return – as they intrinsically know that the memories created on these special days, for people like Darren and Suzie, are precious and priceless.

My Wedding Wish is the dream-child of Marriage Celebrant Lynette Maguire who lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Lynette is a passionate philanthropist and is well known for her bubbly personality and upbeat weddings. Under the outgoing exterior lives a person who was so touched by the “wedding that started it all”, that she decided something needed to be done to help the terminally ill be married with dignity. „It’s inspirational when you do a call out and have full gifted wedding together within a few hours’ says Lynette Maguire about the process. “The wedding industry that gets involved may give a lot, but as a group they get so much back helping the couples to create the most precious of moments and memories.”

The charity has currently run a volume of weddings that together represent an estimated wish value of close to $750,000.

The My Wedding Wish formula has begun to work all over Australia, with new suppliers and varying sponsors offering to come on board every day. Faced with all the challenges that rapid growth bring with it „My Wedding Wish“ does not only need more wedding suppliers – it needs community support across the board.  They require the funding to set up the charity for the future with a strong foundation and good systems.

Darren and Suzie have hearts as big as Adelaide – despite their current situation they are telling their story as a way to pay it forward and help support other couples who are in the same heartbreaking situation…couples whose final living wish is to get married. When asked if they would participate in a fundraising appeal of their own, they jumped straight in without hesitation. They can never pay back what they receive, but they can pay it forward…with your help.

Can you help Darren and Suzie make more wedding wishes come true?  Please consider making a donation that will support not only the fulfilment of Darren and Suzie’s big dream, but also many others to come. 


Wish Coordinator for Darren and Suzie – contact on site:
Christine Churchill 0422013036

Media Contact Head Office Sunshine Coast
MEDIA Birte Benecke-Uhrig 0416575112
CEO Lynette Maguire 0400595679

Watch our CEO Lynette Maguire – tell our story!

My Wedding Wish is a registered national Charity that gifts weddings to the terminally ill Australia wide since 2013.

Generous ‘My Wedding Wish” suppliers and community fundraising efforts are able to ensure that our couples can have a care and burden free celebration without the stress of organisational challenges, time issues and limiting budgets.