I’m not going to lie, we’re a bit excited.

But we need your help!

We’re all a bit excited about it!  It’s a big move and we need all the help we can get.  Yes, you can help and be involved in a wonderful cause with an amazing hear- centred team of people who help make sick people’s dreams come true.

Hi from some of the MWW crew - join us!  You'll love it!

Hi from some of the MWW crew – join us! You’ll love it!

This is what needs to happen:

We’ll be registering My Wedding Wish as a charity and, as soon as we’re able, will be applying for DGR status.  Basically that means we’ll be able to give our tax receipts to our suppliers.  Yippee!  While our suppliers are generous of spirit, we don’t want them to experience volunteer burnout, so this is a way to give back to them.

Next, we’re forming a Steering Committee of like-minded people to help us drive this baby forward.  If you’ve wanted to be involved but are not in the wedding industry or even if you are, here’s your chance.  The commitment is only for 6 months, so you’re not tying yourself down forever.  The MWW – Steering Committee Invitation and Application needs to be back by 3rd May (yes, Tuesday next week).  We’re after marketing and PR people, fundraising people, operations and business people, admin gurus, sponsorship experts, accountants and lawyers – we’d love to have you join us!   Those keen will be considered for Board positions if you’re interested.  Fancy sitting on the Board of a national registered charity.  Um, yes!

My Wedding Wish suppliers having a bit of fun with Em and Andy

My Wedding Wish suppliers having a bit of fun with Em and Andy

Next we’ll be asking for people to take on State, Regional and Project Leader roles to ensure we have Australia covered.  The positions are unpaid at this stage, but trust me it’s one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.  We make dreams come true when we grant our wishes and and change lives.  That in itself is priceless!

That’s just the start!  Wait til you hear about our amazing inaugural fundraising event coming up.  You’ll definitely want to be involved!

Have some questions?  Email Lynette on info@myweddingwish.com.au or phone on 0400 595 679 for a chat.  <3