MEDIA RELEASE 8th of February 2017

Roda Newberry and Damien Leask went to school together in Emerald Queensland. 18 years later they started chatting on social media, Damien travelled down to the Gold Coast to visit Roda and admitted on their first date when he saw her that he was ”shitting bricks”. Roda decided he was a keeper and loved his honesty and humour and their love story began…

Roda and Damien are getting married as My Wedding Wish recipients at the Sunshine Castle on Thursday the 9th of February 2017 in a magnificent medieval celebration.

Damien the groom to be suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and has had a double lung transplant due to this condition two years ago. The lungs are currently failing, forcing the couple to expediate their wedding plans.

They were introduced to the My Wedding Wish team four months ago after they chose the Sunshine Castle as their venue and were referred to make an application My Wedding Wish by the staff there.

My Wedding Wish is a Sunshine Coast based national Charity that gifts weddings to the terminally ill and has brought the gift of love to couples both locally and Australia wide since 2013.
Roda and Damien will be the 10th Sunshine Coast wed couple. The top notch group of over 16 ‘My Wedding Wish” suppliers that are gifting to this wedding are able to ensure that Roda and Damien can have a care and burden free celebration without the stress of organisational challenges, time issues and limiting budgets.

The wedding Roda and Damien have now been gifted has far exceeded their expectations, means and hopes. They are set to have their dream wedding surrounded by family and friends.

My Wedding Wish is the dream-child of Marriage Celebrant Lynette Maguire who lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Lynette is a passionate philanthropist and is well known for her bubbly personality and upbeat weddings. Under the outgoing exterior lives a person who was so touched by the “wedding that started it all”, that she decided something needed to be done to help the terminally ill be married with dignity.

Graced recently with an Australia Day Award nomination ‚My Wedding Wish’ is dreaming big. A steering committee is in place to make sure the young charity can maximise their opportunities to spread the word to potential recipients, gain more support, sponsorship and donations.

My Wedding Wish has married 14 couples and created a wish value of close to $350,000 since it’s inception. The wish formula that works on the Sunshine Coast is also working all over Australia with new suppliers and varying sponsors offering to come on board every day.

„It’s inspirational when you do a call out and have full gifted wedding together within a few hours’ says Lynette Maguire about the process. “The wedding industry that gets involved may give a lot, but as a group they get so much back helping the couples to create the most precious of moments and memories.”

And it is not just the wedding industry that is getting behind this beautiful cause as many Australians are looking at how they can also help.
So what can you do?
• You can donate to My Wedding Wish

• You can can become a corporate sponsor of My wedding Wish.
• You can do your own fundraiser for My Wedding Wish.
• My Wedding Wish is looking for several professional services and individuals to help and gift their expertise.
• My Wedding Wish is collaborating with the Sanctuary Op Shop in Moloolaba – who accept wedding dress donations, attire and decorations to fundraise for My Wedding Wish. So please support them to support My Wedding Wish