Ben Chambers from Bach Photography has joined the My Wedding Wish team as part of our wedding photography crew as we take our amazing charity national, gifting weddings and same sex commitments to the terminally ill. Ben is an award winning wedding photographer, with experience photographing weddings on almost all continents of the globe!

An awesome team

An awesome team: My Wedding Wish and Bach Photography


CEO and founder, Dr Lynette Maguire says, “We are delighted to have Ben on our team, and as someone who has been affected by terminal illness in his family, he jumped at the opportunity to join our rapidly growing team in South Australia.” Ben discovered his passion of photography at an early age, and developed his skill set using a wide range of cameras from disposable film point-and-shoots to high end cinema cameras.

After completing his degree in Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, Ben realised that his passion lay elsewhere and decided to go back to his previous love of photography. He put his degree on the back-shelf, picked up his camera and never looked back!


We have Australia's best suppliers on board gifting to the terminally ill

We have Australia’s best suppliers on board gifting to the terminally ill

Ben, why do you want to be a part of our team at My Wedding Wish?

Terminal illness is an issue close to home with me, after a member of my family was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is unfathomably devastating news to hear that one of the people closest to you doesn’t have much time left. I feel that it is vitally important to make the most of the time you have, while you still have it, and that is why I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organisation!


What is your favourite part of the wedding day?

There are always lots of fantastic moments during a wedding, but my favourite is definitely the ceremony! Capturing the expression of the groom as he sees his bride for the first time is priceless, and their first kiss as husband and wife is one of the most special moments a couple will experience together. The look of joy from friends and family members, bridesmaids and groomsman is the icing on the cake.

Barns Photography is a welcome addition to the My Wedding Wish crew

Bach Photography is a welcome addition to the My Wedding Wish crew

What is the most loving gesture you have seen at a wedding?

One moment always sticks out to me when I reminisce about previous weddings that I have had to pleasure to be a part of. In complete secret, the father of a bride, who was disabled and unable to walk, spent almost every day for 6 months with a therapist so that he could walk his daughter down the aisle, completely unbeknownst to her! The look of bewilderment and joy on her face when she saw him standing up by himself, at the start of the aisle, was priceless. To this day it makes me tear up just thinking about it.


If you could shoot a wedding anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would LOVE to shoot a wedding in Hawaii at the Muana Loa volcano. The Muana Loa is the largest active volcano in the world, and boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes I have ever seen! I think it will be a challenge finding a couple who are daring and adventurous enough to risk having a wedding there, but I’ll be keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!  (With My Wedding Wish growing so rapidly, don’t be surprised if we end up with a Chapter in Hawaii in the coming years, Ben!  We might be able to help your wish come true too!)


Making dreams come true Barns Photography and My Wedding Wish

Making dreams come true
Bach Photography and My Wedding Wish


What is the most unusual wedding theme you have photographed?

Last year I had the pleasure of shooting an African Safari themed wedding. The groomsmen all wore safari style attire, it was a hoot! I am a big fan of themed weddings, and though I absolutely love the elegance of a traditional white wedding, there’s something wonderful about the silliness and whimsicality of a themed wedding. A photography partner of mine was hired for a zombie themed wedding, much to my jealousy!

Changing lives one wedding at a time

Changing lives one wedding at a time


Welcome to our team Ben!  It gives me so much pride to know our humble charity draws in the very best suppliers from around Australia.  Ben joins an amazing list of the most kind hearted, loving and supremely talented wedding suppliers who help us make dreams come true.


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