I met a couple a while ago, the young groom has terminal cancer. 
I offered them a fully gifted ceremony – because, well, that’s what we do. 

Initially, they were over the moon with excitement, but then reality struck, and he said, “But, what if I don’t die?”

“I certainly hope you don’t die”, I said.  “It’s certainly not a prerequisite”.

But, the idea stuck with him, that if he didn’t die, he’d be taking advantage of our gift.

I was floored!

We love the love

Damien and Roda – a My Wedding Wish wedding brought to you by the loved up suppliers of the Sunshine Coast, Qld 2017.           We love the love


You see, one of the reasons My Wedding Wish is so successful and just so damned yummy, is that everything around it vibrates in love.  The suppliers give of themselves emotionally, psychologically, physically and in every way one human can give to another human.

No-one is paid – the motivation for being involved is intrinsic not extrinsic – each of us love what we do.

And all that love swirls its way around our couples and their families.

When our people pass away it hits us hard because we’re connected in ways that normal wedding suppliers and couples aren’t connected.  And personally, I think all the gorgeous love and heart emotions and connections must have at least some healing power – even if only just for a little while!

Rene and Meagan

There were loads of tears with these two love birds and the Toowoomba MWW crew of 16 local suppliers really raised the bar for the rest of Australia

Often, on the wedding days, it’s hard to know that one of them is ill.  There’s so much uplifting energy, love, joy and excitement – the illness seems to just slip away.

So, no.  We don’t want you to die either!  If you find a cure, we’ll celebrate with you and maybe throw you a party.

Our gift to our couples is very simple –  it’s love.

DJ and Steph = married

DJ and Steph = married