We need funding!

My Wedding Wish needs Funding

It is our dream to grow and establish My Wedding Wish as the go to charity for the terminally ill who wish to marry around Australia.

Despite most of our weddings being gifted by our amazing wedding suppliers we are looking for corporate sponsorship.

We require the funding to set up our charity with a strong foundation and good systems.

  • There are professional services who we need to pay.
  • As a fully registered charity we now need to pay for insurances before we can employ further volunteers and really get the national roll out going.
  • We need a part time paid admin employee – to keep all the volunteers, projects and admin tasks on track.
  • We also require decent project management software and databases to capture and sort all our suppliers by location that includes their details and gifts.
  • Our website requires updating and ongoing and intensive support – beyond what current volunteers are able to DIY.
  • We need to develop marketing materials to support fundraising activities that we are involved in: such as wedding expo space that is donated etc.

We have started to work on strategic partnerships with other businesses and organisations that align with our work.

Hi from some of the MWW crew - join us!  You'll love it!

Hi from some of the MWW crew – join us! You’ll love it!